About Us

Sherry Worthen is a disabled veteran of the United States Marine Corps.  Magnesium News LLC was created in 2014 when she began to experience relentless muscle cramping that the medical field was unable to solve. This prompted her to look for her own solution. When she found the answer, she couldn’t keep it to herself and she launched her first line: Mag-Tastic, a topical magnesium supplement infused with essential oils. She pursued her business in order to help people get relief from muscle cramping and restoring them to leading-edge athletic performance. As research continued, she discovered the value that her topical magnesium products offered to the general public.  In 2016, she rebranded with a ‘fresh look’ but the same great product! Magnesium4Muscles was born! The product line was expanded in 2017 with a therapeutic premium bath mineral line–Magnesium Immersion. The current offerings now include her own essential oil blends that will soon be grown and harvested right on her property in Geauga County, Ohio ensuring truly organic and fresh harvesting of the herbs/flowers

Sherry holds a B.A. in Economic Development and consults with a biochemist and doctor as her ‘wingmen’ that regularly offer their insight and review. Customers can be assured of a consistent quality product!

She enjoys riding her Harley Davidson along side of her forever man, Joey.  Joey has become the ‘right-hand man’ with making the products and supporting her with the business endeavor.