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Combo Pack

An all-natural topical magnesium supplement infused with essential oils that targets the stressed and overworked muscles.

Complete Package


Enjoy the benefits of the topical application of Magnesium4Muscles (combo package) with the all-new Magnesium Immersion – Therapeutic Premium Bath Minerals

Team Ready


Magnesium4Muscles in a 20-ounce trigger sprayer. Great for the athlete, trainer, team coach or anyone that wants more coverage of this amazing topical supplement.

Coach’s Choice


Enjoy the magnificent Magnesium4Muscles in this bulk purchase.  You’ll get a 78 oz jug with a pump along with a 20 oz trigger sprayer full of Magnesium4Muscles.  A total of 98 oz of spray – 5x the purchase of the 20oz bottle alone for less than 3x the purchase price.